Complete Farm Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Dirt Road Data provides the  only end-to-end farm intelligence and alert notification system that provides real-time data from all locations—mobile or fixed—in your grow-out operation. Whether you want to monitor a single aspect of a farm or your entire operation across multiple states, there’s a SmartFarm product to fit your needs and your operation. Learn More 

SmartAlarms are a component of each of the SmartProducts, replacing traditional alert systems and virtually eliminating false alarms. With an unlimited number of recipients, tiered alerts and alert schedules, you’re able to notify the right people at the right time with the right alerts.


Broiler Farms
Growth opportunities come and go quickly. Every minute that you’re unable to maximize the effectiveness of your operation results in lost profit or missed opportunity. High conversion ratios are best assured by tight management practices; having access to real-time farm intelligence multiplies your ability to manage your operation effectively no matter where you are. SmartFarm provides you with that access and insight.

Layer Farms
Real-time production records, feed status, and water consumption data help prevent the loss of hard-fought performance gains. Even small increases add up when multiplied across millions of eggs. Building on a good foundation developed in the pullet house is critical to the long-term performance of your flock. Benchmarking your success ensures that your birds are laying at peak capacity.


Is the bin half-empty or half-full?

With SmartBin you’ll know. Smart Bin, a component of SmartFarm, provides real time feed inventories. “Time-to-send-the-truck” level monitoring or accurate-to-the-pound measurements are at your fingertips. With your connected device, you can log in and view data, or utilize our powerful notification engine to alert you when levels exceed the limits you set.


The Power to Know

Is your power connected to your normal energy source or on the back-up generator? SmartPower monitors any generator for status and alerts you before things go wrong. Automatically keep an up-to-date log of the last time the generator ran and whether or not the transfer switch successfully transferred the load. SmartFarm will even alert growers if the system is no longer communicating, even in the event of a lightning strike or power outage.


Protect your investment while it’s on the road.

Live Haul
Performance doesn’t stop when your livestock moves. Identify and rectify when stress occurs by monitoring all of your grow-out assets. Assure your animals’ welfare from pavement to processing.

Feed Delivery
Automated feed delivery receipts ensure that your animals are fed—on time—with real time access to live delivery records. Don’t worry about missed growth opportunity anymore. When implemented as an entire system, SmartHaul’s agile dispatch module allows you to direct your trucks where they need to go with the right formula at the right time.

On-farm inventory creation lets you track your inventory from farm to finish.